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  1. Janice, my name is Cathy Truehart and I, too, am a local author. I saw your book signing from an email last week from Eileen at White Square. As a bereavement counselor and newly self published local author, I felt very guided to attend but had a previous commitment. I was at the book store today and asked how your book signing went and if she had any contact for you. She told me of what a wonderful event it was and gave me your bookmark which i need to have made as well. I came onto your blog site and love it and can’t wait to meet the 6 widows and plan to ask the women in my grief groups in enfield connecticut if they are up for a road trip/outing event………I have been threatening to do something like this for 2 years so the time is now!!! this sounds perfect……I am so excited to meet you and the 6 widows !!!

    I am such a novice at the computer and even though i set up a blog for the purpose of my book, still not really sure how it all works. Still working full time so just can’t seem to carve out the time to figure it all out and make consistent entries. I am excited to share your blog site with my grief groups. I look forward to connecting with you…..thinking maybe you could come to one of my book clubs as a guest author…..we can make it a pool party……I live in southampton. PS the title of my book is ‘The Miracle of Hospice’. Blessings

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