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Divine Renovations
This memoir is a love story at its core, but its mission is to help those who are coping with grief to recognize the journey and to know that there is hope.

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“Each of us navigates the map-less route of grief in a different way. Janice Beetle’s unflinching and brave account of how she found her footing in a world suddenly empty after the death of her beloved husband is an understanding hand extended to those on a similar path, and reminder to the rest of us to hug all the closer those we still have with us in this life.”
– Suzanne Strempek Shea, Author

“(I started reading Divine Renovations) after work one day and found I could not put it down. It is an absorbing, poignant, compelling story that literally made me laugh and cry. It is moving, without being maudlin, honest without being confessional. And it is full of surprises. I never knew what this sweet, open-hearted, grieving woman was going to do next, and as a reader I couldn’t wait to find out. Who knew a book that deals so head-on with loss and grief could be a
page-turner? For me, it was that and more. BRAVO.”
– Laurie Loisel, managing editor for print, Daily Hampshire Gazette

“Janice, I read your book this weekend! It’s so, so beautiful and your openness and bravery in your approach to life is amazing and such a gift to share with others.  So sorry for your loss.”
– Shawna

In Progress

Unleashing the Sun
Meet the quick-witted and creative Roxanne Rogers and Alex Bruno, the man she is doggedly pursuing. Roxie is an artist with a painful romantic history, and Alex is a confirmed bachelor with a course exterior and a heart of gold. Watch how they change one another and grow together as they hike, kayak and otherwise explore the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Finding Home
This memoir is based on two travel adventures Janice has had in the past two years: a trip to the Marshall Islands in early 2016 and a trip to Hawaii in 2017. The story details what drew Janice to both places, the adventures she had, and how the journeys inspired thoughts about what home really means.

Janice also writes and edits books for clients. Learn more.

16 thoughts on “Books

  1. Wow Jan!!! I’ll be at a book signing in Manchester Ctr VT next Thursday with my daughter … she’s a fan of Jodi Piccoult. Will you be having a book signing? If so, where and when? We’d LOVE to come!!! I can’t wait to read your story ❤

    • I am organizing my first reading in Agawam, but I imagine there will be many! I would love it if you helped me organize one at a book store near you and got me connected. And I love Jodi Piccoult too. She’s amazing!

    • Hi Janice,

      Wow! So very impressive! You are an amazing person! Could I order a copy through you? I will definitely spread the word! Would you be interested in coming to Springfield for a book reading?

      • Thanks Trevor! I would love to do a reading in Springfield. I would be honored to get invited to read at book groups, in churches, libraries, etc. Thanks for asking!

  2. Here is what Ellen Kelliher King had to say about the book: “It is fabulous. I just finished. She is amazing!”

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