One Cancer We Can Control

There are many kinds of cancer that exist in the world that are beyond our control. But, like in the case of Mesothelioma, there are some types of cancer that are entirely preventable if only we are willing to take the appropriate measures.

Emily Walsh, the Community Outreach Director for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, hosted a campaign this past month for Mesothelioma Awareness Day. The hope is to raise awareness so that we might one day stop the spread of mesothelioma through the use of asbestos.

Mesothelioma is a rareyet deadlyform of cancer that develops in the protective lining that covers the internal organs of the body.The cancer develops from exposure to asbestos: a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics, and is used in fire-resistant and insulating materials such as brake linings.

Asbestos can still be found in many homes, schools, and commercial or industrial buildings despite its known harmful affects. Roughly 30 million pounds of this deadly material are used each year.

Asbestos was once used in more than 3,000 consumer products including household items such as toasters and hair dryers – some of which may still be in use. But asbestos is invisible to the naked eye – adding to its deadliness. You could be exposed unknowingly and suffer the adverse affects.

Because no amount of exposure to asbestos is safe.

Navy veterans are at the greatest risk to develop mesothelioma as asbestos was widely used in Naval ships and shipyards.

Even now, more than 30 years after the peak of its use, asbestos exposure is still the number one cause of occupational cancer in the U.S.

Seeing as November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to spread the word about mesothelioma – a form of lung cancer that occurs in the lining – to promote awareness of this very real problem.

I have experienced the loss of a loved one due to cancer, so I know what it is like to have questions – to want to place the blame. But in the case of mesothelioma, there is an answer: to eradicate asbestos from the U.S. and the world.

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One thought on “One Cancer We Can Control

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